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Nordic cooperation builds on the common values of the Nordic countries and is one of the world’s oldest forms of regional cooperation. The Nordic region will be the world’s most sustainable and integrated region by 2030. This vision was adopted by the Nordic prime ministers in 2019 and will become a reality through initiatives for a green, competitive and socially sustainable Nordic region. Sweden will pursue closer and stronger Nordic cooperation. The Nordic countries are facing a number of challenges, and we can tackle them better together than alone.

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Jessika Roswall Minister for EU Affairs

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  • Action plan for Vision 2030

    The Nordic region will become the most sustainable and integrated region in the world. The action plan describes how the Nordic Council of Ministers will work to achieve the objectives of the vision through a series of initiatives linked to the vision’s three strategic priorities: a green Nordic Region, a competitive Nordic Region, and a socially sustainable Nordic Region.

  • The Nordic Council of Ministers

    The Nordic Council of Ministers is the official body for inter-governmental cooperation in the Nordic Region. It seeks common solutions to contribute to Nordic benefit and realise the vision to make the Nordic Region the most sustainable and integrated region by 2030. The Council comprises the five Nordic countries, as well as Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Åland. The Presidency rotates between the five Nordic member countries and is held for a period of one calendar year. Iceland holds the Presidency in 2023 and Sweden will take over in 2024.

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