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  • Discussions on labour market transition and sustainability of social security systems

    Anna Tenje is hosting the Epsco meeting
    Minister for Older People and Security Anna Tenje at the meeting with the Ministers for Employment and Social Affairs (EPSCO) Photo: Johannes Frandsen/Government Offices

    On 3–4 May, EU employment and social affairs ministers met to discuss how labour market transitions affect skills supply in the EU, and how an aging population affects social security systems.

  • Active and autonomous ageing in focus at high-level meeting

    • Photo of Anna Tenje on a stage

      Minister for Older People and Social Security, Anna Tenje.

      Photo: Johannes Frandsen/Government Offices

    • Photo of the panel.

      Wilhelmina Hoffman, Swedish Dementia Centre and Silviahemmet, Alfonso Lara-Montero, CEO, European Social Network, Jo Etienne Abela, Minster for Active Ageing, Malta, Mette Kierkegaard, Minister for Senior Citizens, Denmark and Olivia Wigzell, moderator.

      Photo: Josefine Stenersen/Government Offices

    • Photo of all the participants

      Family photo.

      Photo: Johannes Frandsen/Government Offices

    Demographic changes in Europe are having an immense impact on our societies and entail challenges, not least for the labour market, pension systems and an increased need for health and social care. The Swedish Presidency has invited EU Member States and other actors to a high-level meeting on active and autonomous ageing, 13 –14 February, where they will discuss how to tackle the issues related to Europe’s ageing population. Minister for Older People and Social Security Anna Tenje will host the conference. Among the participants will be the Estonian Minister of Social Protection, the Danish Minister for Senior Citizens, and the Minister for Active Ageing from Malta.

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