Ministry of Education and Research

The Ministry of Education and Research is responsible for the Government’s education and research policies. The Ministry works on issues including school performance, conditions for teachers and study financing.

Responsible ministers

Mats Persson
Mats Persson Minister for Education
Lotta Edholm Minister for Schools

News from Ministry of Education and Research

  • Sweden provides SEK 75 million to UNESCO to rebuild schools and preschools in Ukraine

    Photo: Ulrika Westerberg/Regeringskansliet

    The education sector in Ukraine has been severely affected by Russia’s full-scale invasion. Since February 2022, more than 3 000 preschools, schools and other educational establishments have been damaged, and 360 have been completely destroyed. Sweden is now providing SEK 75 million to the UNESCO Emergency Fund. The Fund is, among other things, supporting renovation and reconstruction of damaged and destroyed shelters in preschools and schools.

  • Increased funding to University of Gothenburg to combat antisemitism

    Photo: Natalie Greppi/University of Gothenburg

    In light of international developments, the Government will increase its support to the University of Gothenburg which, via the Segerstedt Institute, spreads knowledge of working methods to combat antisemitism. This year, the Government will provide another SEK 1 million, and it intends to provide another SEK 3 million to support these efforts in 2024.

Content from the Ministry of Education

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