Ministry of Education and Research

The Ministry of Education and Research is responsible for the Government’s education and research policies. The Ministry works on issues including school performance, conditions for teachers and study financing.

Responsible ministers

Mats Persson
Mats Persson Minister for Education
Lotta Edholm Minister for Schools

News from Ministry of Education and Research

  • Sweden’s latest astronaut in space

    Photo: SpaceX

    The Government is looking to advance Sweden’s position in the space sector, and overnight Marcus Wandt became the third Swede in space. Following a successful launch from Florida, he began his journey to the International Space Station.

    “The significance of space, from both a scientific and an economic perspective, will only increase. Sweden is a small country, but it has an ambitious agenda. Sending Marcus Wandt into space is a part of Sweden’s enhanced ambitions in this area. The Government also wants to strengthen Sweden as an engineering nation, and Marcus Wandt could inspire the next generation of engineers and scientists,” says Minister for Education Mats Persson.

  • Government investing in more reading time and less screen time

    Photo: Johnér Bildbyrå

    Pupils’ ability to read and understand what they read is the foundation of their learning in all school subjects. The Swedish Government’s school policy aims to get back to basics and re-establish a strong knowledge-based school system with the focus in early grades on basic skills such as reading, writing and arithmetic. Digital learning aids should only be introduced in teaching at an age when they promote, rather than hamper, pupils’ learning.

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