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The Ministry of Culture is responsible for issues concerning culture, democracy, media, the national minorities, and the language and culture of the Sami people.

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Parisa Liljestrand Minister for Culture

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  • The formal Education, Youth, Culture and Sport (EYCS) Council meeting on 15-16 may

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    A meeting of the Education, Youth, Culture and Sport Council (EYCS) was held on 15–16 May. Taking part in the meeting were Minister for Culture Parisa Liljestrand, Minister for Schools Lotta Edholm and Minister for Social Affairs and Public Health Jakob Forssmed.

    “The focus of the Swedish Presidency when it comes to media and culture is on freedom. A cornerstone of media policy is to protect the fundamental right to freedom of expression – freedom of the media, artistic freedom and freedom to create. The freedom and diversity of the media is a cornerstone of democracy, which is why our joint efforts concerning the European Media Freedom Act are important,” says Parisa Liljestrand, Swedish Minister for Culture.

  • Government task force for Jewish life and against antisemitism takes shape

    This year’s theme for the task force for Jewish life in Sweden is safety and security. The task force was presented on 26 January and its work will continue throughout the electoral period. The three civil society organisations invited to participate in the task force have now agreed to take part, and the first meeting will be held June.

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