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Ministers met with Jewish organisations


On 16 October, Minister for Gender Equality Working Life and Deputy Minister for Employment Paulina Brandberg, Minister for Culture Parisa Liljestrand and Minister for Social Affairs and Public Health Jakob Forssmed met with representatives of Jewish civil society. The meeting focused on how events in Israel are affecting Jews in Sweden, current challenges and future efforts to combat antisemitism and support Jewish life.

The Government initiated the meeting in light of the attacks on Israel by the terrorist organisation Hamas and the expressions of antisemitism that have emerged in the wake of these events.

“It is utterly horrifying that there are groups on the streets of Sweden that celebrate Hamas’ attacks on Israel. The expressions that have emerged during tributes to Hamas are just a few of many recent examples of antisemitism. It is extremely important to maintain a close dialogue with Jewish communities to discuss challenges that the representatives see and how to better combat antisemitism in Sweden,” says Ms Brandberg.

“The horrific terrorist attacks in Israel have led to a wave of antisemitic expressions of opinion, both abroad and here in Sweden. This is completely unacceptable, and I am deeply troubled and alarmed. The events of the past week and the dialogue with Jewish organisations in Sweden have made us even more resolute: the Government will continue to work hard to ensure that all Jews are able to live in safety in our country, be open with their Jewish identity, and practise their culture and religion,” says Ms Liljestrand.

“The fact that Jewish communities are increasingly worried about threats, violence or attacks, and encouraging their members not to wear Jewish symbols, is very serious. Everyone has a fundamental right to practise their religion privately and together with others. To safeguard this right, the Government will substantially increase funding for security measures for vulnerable faith communities and civil society organisations,” says Mr Forssmed.


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