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EUR 5.6 billion to the Syrian people following annual donor conference


EUR 5.6 billion has been pledged to the Syrian people and Syrian refugees in the neighbouring countries during the annual donor conference in Brussels.

A total of EUR 5.6 billion was mobilised for 2023 and beyond. The funds will mainly be used to support people inside Syria and Syrian refugees in the region this year.

Sweden contributed some EUR 75 million. At the conference, Sweden also took part in roundtable discussions with representatives of Syrian civil society. The agenda included discussions on how to support and help coordinate local civil society leadership in Syria so as to contribute to sustainable peace. 

The conference is the largest donor conference for Syria and its neighbouring countries, attended by EU Member States, some 30 international organisations and EU institutions. 

“I bring a clear message from my government. Sweden will continue its support to the Syrian people and continue to advocate for full transparency and accountability in aid programmes, which is particularly important in politically complex environments like Syria,” says Per Örnéus, Sweden’s Special Envoy to the Syria Crisis.

Since the start of the crisis in 2011, the EU and its Member States have mobilised over EUR 30 billion to support Syrians in Syria and the region.