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High-level meeting with Indo-Pacific region on cyber diplomacy


What opportunities and challenges do today’s cyber diplomats encounter? On 15 June, Sweden is hosting a high-level meeting with the Indo-Pacific region and the European Union on cyber diplomacy.

Malicious cyber activities are increasing in number and sophistication. This makes international cooperation on cyber security more important than ever. 

To contribute to security and stability, which in turn supports economic and social development, we need to build partnerships and support joint efforts to develop global capacities and promote the UN norms of responsible state behaviour in cyberspace. 

This meeting aims to develop sustainable and concrete partnerships between the EU and the Indo-Pacific region on cyber issues. Cyber diplomats from both regions will reflect on cyber security and cyber diplomacy, and share expertise and best practices in this developing domain.

This is an important stage in identifying needs and potential steps towards better collaboration between the EU and the Indo-Pacific region, and particularly for building a network of regional cyber diplomacy representatives.

Roundtable talks organised by the European External Action Service and the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, together with the Enhancing Security Cooperation in and with Asia (ESIWA) project, will be held in Brussels on 15 June.