The Ministry of Defence has existed in its present form since 1920. It has approximately 140 employees. The Minister for Defence, Peter Hultqvist, is head of the Ministry of Defence.

Political leadership

The political leadership includes the Minister for Defence, the State Secretary and political advisers, press secretary and assistants.

Senior officials

Along with the State Secretary, the Ministry for Defence has one senior official who is not politically appointed, the Director-General for Administrative and Legal Affairs.

Departments and secretariats

The Ministry's day-to-day business is conducted by various departments. The title given to a head of department is Director. The departments process business matters prior to Government decisions. They also handle contacts with the Ministry's agencies and monitor their activities.

Legal Secretariat

The Legal Secretariat deals with legal issues within the Ministry for Defence's area of responsibility. The main task of the secretariat is to participate in all legislative work, including proposals referred to the Council on Legislation for consideration and government bills.

Department for Security Policy and International Relations

The department is responsible for security policy and international coordination issues and analysis.

Department for Budget Management and Administrative Support

The department is responsible for budgetary management and coordination of the budget process, as well as the internal administration of the Ministry. The department also provides support to the Ministry's leadership.

Department for Acquisition, Research and Development

The department is responsible for defence acquisition, research and development and other support activities relating to the agencies under the Ministry. It is also responsible for defence equipment cooperation, export support and defence industry issues.

Department for Military Capability and Operations

The Department for Military Capability and Operations is responsible for military defence issues. It deals with the military defence's operational organisation, operational capabilities and capability development, military exercises, defence planning and the Armed Forces human resources provision.

Department for Intelligence Coordination

The department is responsible for monitoring, directing and developing defence intelligence operations.