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COP27 talks concluded


The talks that began at the COP27 Climate Change Conference in Sharm el-Sheikh just over two weeks ago have now ended. One of the most crucial issues for the EU, through which Sweden is negotiating, was establishing a work programme for emissions reduction.

– We went to COP27 with high ambitions and expectations that all countries would continue in the positive spirit of COP26. So we are somewhat disappointed to see that not all countries had the same approach. Together with my EU colleagues and through my role in the negotiations, I did my utmost to ensure we’d achieve an ambitious outcome, says Minister for Climate and the Environment Romina Pourmokhtari.

Sweden’s negotiating position within the EU is strong. The Swedish delegation led several of the meeting’s most crucial areas of negotiation, where a main priority was establishing a work programme for emissions reduction.

– We’ve not moved away from our target of 1.5 degrees Celsius, but we have not gotten closer either. One could say that’s where we are after the negotiations, says Ms Pourmokhtari.

But other areas have been important, such as climate change adaptation and funding for loss and damage.

– An important outcome is the creation of a fund to cover loss and damage caused by climate change. Sweden still doesn’t think that a fund is the best solution to quickly address the challenges the most vulnerable countries are facing, but we’ve been constructive and listened to these countries’ needs for increased funding for loss and damage.

During the week, Sweden also submitted its first national climate change adaptation report, outlining the action it needs to take at national level, and without delay, to adapt to ongoing climate change.

– This was my first UN Climate Change Conference as a government Minister. I’d been to many similar meetings before, but here you realise the magnitude of both the challenges and the strength of such a huge gathering, with the countries of the world working hard together to bring about change, says Ms Pourmokhtari.

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