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Press release from Ministry of Defence

Continued investigations of M/S Estonia


In the 2023 Spring Amending Budget, the Government proposes that the Swedish Accident Investigation Authority be allocated SEK 25 million for further investigations of the M/S Estonia in 2023. As part of its investigations, the Authority will salvage the vessel’s bow ramp and photograph and film the vehicle deck.

The fate of the M/S Estonia touched the vast majority of Swedes, and the Swedish Accident Investigation Authority’s ongoing work is important. A successful underwater investigation of the vessel in mid-2022 generated around 45 000 high-resolution 3D images that are now available on a dedicated website.

“It will never be possible to answer every single question about what happened on that night almost 30 years ago, but if these investigations can help increase our understanding of how the vessel sank, the Government feels that they should be carried out,” says Minister for Civil Defence Carl-Oskar Bohlin.

The Swedish Accident Investigation Authority is now planning to undertake additional investigations of the vessel by photographing and filming the vehicle deck and salvaging the bow ramp, in an attempt to better understand why the vessel sank and how events unfolded.

In the 2023 Spring Amending Budget, the Government therefore proposes that the Authority be allocated SEK 25 million for these investigations.

The proposal is based on an agreement between the Government and the Sweden Democrats.

Press contact

Tom Samuelsson
Press Secretary to Minister for Civil Defence Carl-Oskar Bohlin
Phone (switchboard) +46 8 405 10 00