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Press release from Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Sweden supports UNDP reconstruction work following devastating earthquakes in Türkiye


Sweden is donating approximately EUR 14.1 million million to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) for reconstruction work in Türkiye in the aftermath of the devastating earthquakes in February. This support will contribute to building homes, increasing access to health and social care services, restoring people’s possibilities to support themselves and rebuilding vital infrastructure.

The contribution to the UNDP is part of Sweden’s overall response to the devastating earthquakes totalling around EUR 50 million. This support will fund various measures over the next two and a half years.

“Reconstruction will take a long time, but early initiatives reduce acute humanitarian needs and give those affected in Türkiye hope for a better future. The Swedish support will help people in the affected areas rebuild their lives. The UNDP’s activities meet the current needs extremely well,” says Minister for International Development Cooperation and Foreign Trade Johan Forssell. 

The UNDP has a multi-year presence in Türkiye and is playing a key role in early reconstruction measures. Together with the EU and the World Bank, it has conducted a needs assessment focused on critical infrastructure, socioeconomic recovery and reaching the most vulnerable groups. This work will be carried out together with national and local authorities and business and civil society organisations, and includes provision of basic income, care services, residences and water, and sanitation and hygiene.

Information about Sweden’s support

Information about Sweden’s overall support to the affected groups in Türkiye and Syria following the devastating earthquakes is available here:

Press contact

Karl Opdal
Press Secretary to Minister for International Development Cooperation and Foreign Trade Johan Forssell
Phone (switchboard) +46 8 405 10 00