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Government boosting opportunities for international climate investments that reduce global emissions


The Government works to ensure Sweden’s ambitious and catalytic role in global climate action. Now, the Government is strengthening the conditions for Sweden’s programme for international climate initiatives, in accordance with the Paris Agreement.

“The climate crisis is a global crisis. No matter where in the world emissions are produced, as long as they’re produced, our planet is affected just the same. That’s why just reducing emissions here in Sweden isn’t enough as long as other countries continue to emit. Sweden is a rich and developed country that must continue to pave the way for other countries in their climate transitions. You’re not a role model if no one follows you,” says Minister for Climate and the Environment Romina Pourmokhtari.  

The Government is working to ensure Sweden’s ambitious and catalytic role in global climate action. Through international cooperation under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement, Sweden can support climate transition in developing countries, contribute to global emissions reductions, promote private investments in climate action and achieve the Swedish climate policy goals in a cost-effective manner.

Sweden’s programme for international climate initiatives is run by the Swedish Energy Agency. Since 2018, the Programme has focused on method development and capacity-building for Article 6 cooperation, and such cooperation will begin in its current phase. The Government is therefore increasing the Programme’s authorisation framework from SEK 450 million to SEK 1.5 billion through 2032. The expanded framework will enable long-term agreements that are crucial for implementing climate cooperation within the framework of Article 6 of the Paris Agreement and are considered a prerequisite for meaningful contribution to the climate policy framework.

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