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Press release from Ministry of Defence

New assignment and increased funding to Psychological Defence Agency


On 29 August, Minister for Civil Defence Carl-Oskar Bohlin held a press conference with acting Director General of the Psychological Defence Agency Magnus Hjort. They presented a status report on the extensive malign influence campaigns targeting Sweden. They also announced a new assignment for the Psychological Defence Agency, accompanied by increased funding.

Sweden is facing a serious security situation and remains a target for malign influence campaigns, including by foreign actors. 

“We must all remember to check the facts and think twice before sharing and spreading information. This awareness is the most important tool we have to avoid being influenced by foreign actors who are seeking to harm Sweden and Swedish interests,” said Mr Bohlin at the press conference.

Earlier this year, the Government tasked the Psychological Defence Agency with strengthening resilience against foreign malign information influence targeting Sweden’s social services. The Government is now planning to give the Agency an additional assignment encompassing malign information influence targeting Sweden in connection with burnings of religious scriptures.

Mr Bohlin also announced increased funding to the Psychological Defence Agency. This is necessary because of the additional demands the security developments place on Sweden’s psychological defence, and consequently on the Agency. 

In the Budget Bill for 2024, the Government intends to propose an additional SEK 8 million per year for the Psychological Defence Agency in 2024–2026. The proposal is based on an agreement between the Government and the Sweden Democrats.

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Psychological Defence Agency

The Psychological Defence Agency's mission is to lead the coordination and development of the activities of government agencies and other actors involved in Sweden’s psychological defence. It offers support to government agencies, municipalities, regions, the business sector and organisations, and contributes to strengthening the resilience of Sweden’s population.

Emergency information

The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency provides information and advice for the general public on terrorism and the elevated terrorism threat level.