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Press release from Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Swedish Consulate-General opens in San Francisco


A Swedish Consulate-General will open on 1 January 2024 in San Francisco, and its areas of responsibility will include the states of California and Hawaii. The Consulate-General will enhance Sweden’s presence on the west coast of the United States, and the possibilities to conduct active trade and promotion of Sweden’s activities, as well as provide consular support.

Swedish foreign representation is continuously revised in relation to changes around the world and altered requirements and needs so as to create the best possible conditions to promote Swedish interests abroad. 

With a population of approximately 40 million, California has the world’s fifth largest economy. It has long been a hub for technological innovation, green transition, research, industrial development, and the IT and AI industries, etc. Moreover, it is an established centre for cultural and creative industries such as computer games, fashion, film, design and music. Sweden has significant and growing interests in California. Over 100 Swedish businesses are currently represented there, which has created more than 44 000 jobs in the state.

In connection with the opening on 1 January, the Consulate-General will take over consular responsibility from the Embassy of Sweden in Washington. Passports are expected to start being issued in March 2024. 

The Consulate-General will be formally opened in February 2024.