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Hungary to purchase four Gripen aircraft from Sweden

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On 23 February, Sweden and Hungary entered into an agreement under which Hungary will purchase four new Gripen aircraft from Sweden. The agreement was signed when Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson and Minister for Defence Pål Jonson visited Budapest.

Hungary has had the Swedish Gripen aircraft since 2006: twelve of the Gripen C series and two of the Gripen D series, which is the two-seat version. The fourteen aircraft, which are operated by Hungary under a lease-purchase agreement, will become fully owned by Hungary in early 2026. In addition to these, Hungary will now purchase another four Gripen aircraft. 

“JAS 39 Gripen is a source of Swedish pride and one of the assets we will bring to NATO, along with underwater capabilities, radar technology and much more. And I am pleased that even more Gripen aircraft will soon be flying in European airspace,” says Mr Kristersson.

Under the agreement, Sweden will also provide support and logistics for the aircraft from 2026 to 2036.

“Over the years, Hungary has been a valued member of the Gripen family, and Hungary’s highly professional air force has made important contributions to the development of the Gripen system. Sweden looks forward to continuing strong cooperation with Hungary in the area of defence,” says Mr Jonson.

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