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Government makes concerted effort for image of Sweden


The Government will task the Swedish Institute with establishing and coordinating a Team Sweden group to create positive interest and confidence in Sweden abroad. This initiative is being presented today, 9 April, at a high-level meeting that includes discussions and a presentation of the work on Sweden’s strategy for foreign trade, investment and global competitiveness (the foreign trade strategy) with leading actors within Team Sweden. Minister for Business, Industry and Innovation Ebba Busch and Minister for International Development Cooperation and Foreign Trade Johan Forssell hosted the meeting.

“The Swedish Institute’s new assignment is a key part of the Government’s efforts to modernise the image of Sweden. I think that it is important to mobilise more people, particularly the Swedish business sector, in the efforts to strengthen the image of Sweden abroad, strengthen Swedish competitiveness and increase resilience to disinformation about Sweden abroad,” says Mr Forssell.

“Disinformation campaigns must not impede investments in Sweden. I’m pleased that the Government will decide on counteracting incorrect and negative images of our country with positive and hopeful messages. Sweden is a leading innovative country that solves global challenges,” says Ms Busch. 

The image of Sweden is a prioritised part of the efforts to strengthen Sweden’s competitiveness and gain traction for Swedish interests, which is reflected in the foreign trade strategy. The Team Sweden group will carry out this assignment in close dialogue with relevant government agencies, higher education institutions, organisations and representatives of the Swedish business sector.

To form the basis of this work, the Swedish Institute, in consultation with the Team Sweden group, will develop a strategy for communication about Sweden abroad that a wide circle of actors will be able to use. The group is replacing parts of the Council for the Promotion of Sweden, which have been discontinued. The Government will take the decision on Thursday.


Team Sweden

Team Sweden is a network for cooperation between government agencies and other actors in primarily export and investment promotion that aims to strengthen coordination and make work more effective based on each organisation’s expertise and resources. There are Team Sweden working groups for various sectors, regions and countries.

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