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National statement to COP27


Excellencies, distinguished delegates, ladies and gentlemen.

1,5 degrees is not a goal. It is a limit. We have all agreed on this. At COP26 we kept 1,5 alive. COP27 has got to be the opportunity for us jointly, as a global community to support each other in moving faster, together. Sweden will be a strong partner in this effort.

As a young climate and environmental Minister it is clear to me what future I want to experience during my lifetime - a future of resilient and prosperous societies, filled with green innovation and a climate transition that offers opportunities to people and societies. A society free from the kind of flooding disasters we have recently seen, such as the one in Pakistan.

I have two key messages today – urgency of climate action and the opportunities it brings.

The science is clear. We all need to set policies ensuring that we collectively limit temperature increase by cutting emissions by 2030. Sweden aims to be climate neutral by 2045 at the latest, with  negative emissions beyond that. My challenge to all of you is to get there before us. We need to drastically reduce our emissions of green house gases and phase out fossil fuels.

Our way of getting there is by incentivising the innovative spirit of the Swedish business community. I am proud to see some of them present here. Be it in nuclear or renewable energy, energy efficiency, green steel, transportation or the financial sector – their solutions not only drive climate action in Sweden, but also support transition in countries across the world.

Policy makers need to go hand in hand with brave business leaders, demanding customers and future oriented investors. In that context, we were disappointed that Parties did not agree to put on the agenda how to make finance flows consistent with the goals of the Paris Agreement. It is a missed opportunity that we can not afford.

The transition to net-zero brings growth and new jobs. And putting a price on carbon is a key element. If the European Union can, additional parts of the world can as well. My country Sweden, put a price on carbon in 1991, which is before I was born.

Let me point out that combating climate change implies transformative action – it concerns everyone – families, companies and civil society. The societal change is made possible by policymakers, but made reality by millions upon million decisions being made by companies in board meetings and families by the kitchen table.

The opportunities climate action bring will strengthen our societies, by making them more sustainable and more prosperous.

I hope to see this spirit of urgency and opportunity also reflected in the COP27 Mitigation work programme. Securing a space for jointly accelerating climate action in this crucial decade. We suggest the work programme reflects and takes stock of the many initiatives many of us engaged in outside our process. As well as progress in implementing the agreed phase down of coal and phase out of fossil fuel subsidies.

Accelerating climate action also means delivering on climate adaptation, climate finance and averting, minimising and addressing loss and damage.

We look forward to contributing to a balanced result across all agenda items. Sweden will continue to be a proud provider of finance for climate action.

At last. Let me also emphasise the importance of all voices being heard. Ensuring a space for civil society and human rights ensures our commitment to climate action. In order to create an effective transition and sustainable growth in all our countries. Inclusion is key in creating resilient and prosperous societies to people in all our countries.

Thank you!