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National statement to CBD COP 15


Minister for Climate and the Environment Romina Pourmokhtari, CBD COP 15, Montréal, Canada, 15 December 2022.

Check against delivery.

Excellencies, distinguished delegates - ladies and gentlemen.

Rest assured - Sweden is here to stop and revert the loss of biodiversity. It is a question of survival, for humans and for all the marvelous species inhabiting our green and blue planet.

Our societies are deeply dependent on biodiversity in so many ways, not least for human well-being.

It is for us to ensure that a new global biodiversity framework covers all necessary aspects and is clear enough to allow for both ambition and progress to be monitored and reviewed.

In this context, genetic variation, a small and to the naked eye an invisible part of biodiversity, is crucial. Genetic variation is the insurance we need in a changing climate where species and ecosystems need to adapt. Therefore, a goal to maintain 95 per cent of genetic variation to 2050 is of the utmost importance for us.

We know funds from all sources are needed to bend the curve of biodiversity loss. ODA alone will not do the trick. The ODA provided must be truly catalytical and mobilize private capital at scale, while contributing to synergies with other objectives, not least climate mitigation and adaptation.

Therefore, Sweden is joining the political vision in The 10 Point Plan for Financing Biodiversity. The developed countries of the world must contribute.

Sweden has pledged approximately 400 million dollars to the GEF8 replenishment. That makes us the fourth largest contributor and per capita, the biggest contributor.

We have worked hard in the replenishment to make the window for biodiversity larger. Biodiversity protection represents the biggest share of the GEF’s eighth programming period.

But let me be the one to say, if we wish for this COP to be successful, finances will not be enough.

We will not make the change necessary to revert the loss of biodiversity without ambitious goals and targets.

We need a balanced package.

It is essential to agree on a system for monitoring and reviewing the implementation of the framework. As goals without the implementation will leave us running in the dark.

We need a comprehensive monitoring system.

Together we can truly make a difference for the future of our planet, and for future generations.

A successful implementation of the Global Biodiversity Framework is dependent on involvement of many stakeholders; the private sector, financial institutions, civil society and - not least - the youth.

We look forward to working with you all on implementing the new framework.

Thank you.