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Government Offices archives


Anyone who wishes to access official documents from the Government Offices is welcome to visit the Government Offices archives. In our research room you can search the Governments´register as well as read documents kept in our archive.

The Government Offices keep archives from 1997 onwards. Older archives have been transferred to the National Archives, except for dossier groups HP (general political matters) and C (protocol matters) in the Foreign Affairs ministry´s archive. These are kept at the Government Offices from 1975 onwards.

In addition to the above, the Government Offices keep archives belonging to agencies for which the Government Offices provides administrative support, e.g. the Advisory Council on Foreign Affairs, the Selection Board of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Swedish Inheritance Fund Commission.

The Government Offices also keep archival documents that have been sent home from missions abroad. Some older archives have been transferred to the National Archives. For more information about the archives from missions abroad, please contact the Government Offices archives.

To search and access official documents

To find a certain document it is necessary to know which ministry that was responsible for the area concerned. The Governments´ register is the primary search entrance to the archives. In the register you´ll find information necessary for identifying documents, such as case number, ministry, initiator, category, document date and case title.

You can search the register in the terminals available for the public in the Government Offices research room. You can also read official documents in our research room as well as request copies of official documents.

More about access to official documents 

If you are unable to visit us, you can send your request to us by email, telephone or letter.

The Government Offices charges a fee for copies and printouts of official documents, according to the Fee and charges regulation (1992:191). The first 9 copies are free and the 10th copy costs SEK 50, with each additional copy costing an extra SEK 2.

Access restrictions for reasons of secrecy

The right to access official documents held by the Government Offices is limited, as for other government agencies, by provisions in the Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act (2009:400).

Requests to access official documents at the Government Offices are reviewed by the ministry where the documents are kept, unless otherwise specially prescribed.

Address and opening hours

Telephone hours:
Monday to Friday, 09.00-11.00.

Opening hours research room:
Monday to Friday, 09.00-11.00.

Visitors' address: Fredsgatan 8
Postal address:
103 33 Stockholm
Telephone: +46 8 405 24 88

The principle of public access to official documents

The Constitution guarantees everyone - whether citizen or resident - certain rights in relation to the State and the powers exercised by public authorities. They are entitled to see how the country's political representatives are spending tax money and may demand to read information that is stored in official records.