Article from Ministry of Justice

Agreement between Sweden and Afghanistan on readmission


On 5 October 2016, Sweden and Afghanistan signed a memorandum of understanding on the readmission of people whose residence permit applications have been rejected.

The agreement can help to reduce the waiting times for people who must return home and contribute to a more orderly and predictable returns process, both for the responsible authorities and the individual people concerned.

 "The agreement regulates the system that is to apply when people return to Afghanistan. For example, in the first instance returns should occur voluntary and the parties must ensure that the necessary travel documents are issued prior to the return journey. In the second instance, forced returns will be necessary," says Minister for Justice and Migration Morgan Johansson.

The agreement is fully in line with obligations under international law on the responsibility of all states to readmit their own citizens, and is intended to facilitate the implementation of returns.

This agreement does not change anything in terms of the individual examination, with the possibility of appeal, that is always conducted in Sweden and applies only to people who, following such an examination, have not received a residence permit in Sweden.

Today, returns already take place both voluntary and, to a certain extent, with compulsion. This agreement aims to set clearer guidelines for this.

Facts on the memorandum of understanding

The agreement does not determine who is granted asylum. It is the relevant authorities, not the Government, who conduct individual examinations of asylum applications.