Article from Ministry of Defence

The Swedish Defence Commission presents its white book on Sweden’s security policy and the development of its military defence


On Tuesday, 14 May 2019, the Swedish Defence Commission presented its final report, Defensive power – Sweden’s Security Policy and the Development of its Military Defence 2021-2025 to Minister of Defence Peter Hultqvist.

The report contains an updated, comprehensive analysis of the security situation around Sweden. The Commission notes that the security situation in Europe has deteriorated over time, due to Russia’s actions. Developments in Asia, particularly China’s rapid development and its more assertive role, are of growing importance to Swedish foreign and security policy. European states must shoulder a larger responsibility for their own security and defence.

An armed attack on Sweden cannot be excluded, nor can the use of military measures against Sweden, or threats thereof. The Swedish total defence will be developed and designed to ensure that Sweden is prepared in order to meet an armed attack against Sweden, including other acts of war on Swedish territory.

The Commission proposes, among other things, to reinforce and enlarge the military organization after mobilization. The proposals aim to improve the balance between the different parts of the military defence, such as command and control, fighting and support units, as well as to strengthen the capacity for sustained action by increasing the number of units.

The proposals of the Defence Commission regarding a new war-time military organization require an increase in personnel. Starting in 2024, up to 8,000 conscripts per year will undergo military training.

The proposals of the Defence Commission will result in a budget for the military defence amounting to 84 billion SEK annually starting from 2025. Based on the cost level in 2019, this will be equivalent to 1.5 percent of GDP in 2025. On top of the budget increase assigned by the Parliament in December 2018, the Commission proposes to gradually increase the defence budget by adding 5 billion SEK annually every year in the period 2022-2025.