This content was published in the period between 21 January 2019 and 8 July 2021

Article from Ministry of Defence

Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on military efficiency and strength discussed at Northern Group ministerial meeting on 20 May


Minister for Defence Peter Hultqvist met his colleagues in the Northern Group security and defence policy forum on 20 May. On the agenda was the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on national and allied military capabilities and preparedness.

Chaired by Latvia, the Northern Group ministerial meeting was conducted via video link. The main point was the COVID-19 pandemic and how it is affecting the military capabilities and preparedness of the Northern Group countries. The need to restart the cycle of military exercises as soon as possible was particularly highlighted.

Ministers also discussed how to deal with disinformation and attempts to divide the Northern Group members. Russia’s actions and relations vis-à-vis Belarus were also a subject of discussions.

During the meeting the defence ministers also issued a joint statement in which they saluted the work of the respective armed forces in support of civil authorities in managing the crisis.