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Integration requirements


It is crucial that those living long-term in Sweden to become part of Swedish society. For example, to receive full introduction benefit, active participation in SFI and in full-time activities equivalent to the activity requirements to be introduced for income support will be a requirement. The introduction benefit will also be reviewed and will be lower than the public benefits and allowances available to those who have lived in Sweden a long time. The introduction supplement and the right to supplemental income support should therefore be abolished for those who are entitled to the introduction benefit.

People who come to Sweden will have to qualify for welfare through their own efforts, not merely by taking up residence. An inquiry will examine a new model for welfare qualification according to the principle that newly arrived immigrants will not immediately qualify for social benefits and allowances. 

Stricter requirements for Swedish citizenship 

Swedish language skills and knowledge about Swedish society will be required to qualify for Swedish citizenship, and other requirements will become stricter. The inquiry will investigate a self-sufficiency requirement, stricter moral requirements, a requirement of a longer period of residence and an obligatory declaration of loyalty. The inquiry will also present proposals that make it possible to revoke citizenship in certain cases.