Military support to Ukraine

Sweden has contributed military support to Ukraine since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022. There has been a significant change in the level and content of the support provided by Sweden: from personal protective equipment in the first decision to tanks, advanced weapons systems and ammunition in later packages. The total value of Sweden’s military aid to Ukraine stands at just over SEK 20 billion (16 August 2023).

Military aid can be divided into two main categories: arms and equipment, and financial assistance via funds. In addition, Sweden has entered into an agreement on Swedish-Ukrainian procurement cooperation for defence materiel and contributed personnel to multiple training operations.

  • Arms and equipment

    The value of the share of military aid that consists of arms and equipment amounts to around SEK 19 billion.

    Support in the form of arms and equipment includes artillery pieces (Archer), main battle tanks (Leopard 2), grenade launchers (Carl Gustaf) with ammunition, anti-tank grenade launchers (AT4), anti-tank guided missiles 57 (NLAW), automatic rifles, demining equipment and combat vehicles 90 (CV 90), helmets, advanced ammunition, anti-ship missiles 17, anti-tank systems, off-road passenger vehicles, winter equipment, sights, bulletproof vests, tents, camouflage netting and air defence systems.

  • Financial support via funds

    The value of the share of military aid that consists of financial support via funds amounts to just over SEK 1.4 billion.

    Sweden has made a total financial contribution of SEK 200 million to the NATO Ukraine Comprehensive Assistance Package Trust Fund in support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Parts of this support have been earmarked for winter equipment. In December 2022, Sweden decided on a grant of SEK 200 million to the British International Fund for Ukraine (IFU). Its funds are used for the procurement of defence materiel for Ukraine. In June 2023, it was decided to grant an additional SEK 140 million to IFU. Sweden has also provided support via two transfers, one of SEK 500 million and the other of SEK 577 million, to the National Bank of Ukraine’s fund for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

  • Swedish-Ukrainian procurement cooperation

    The Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) is authorised by the Government to negotiate and enter into international agreements with the competent authority in Ukraine, including for the procurement of defence materiel. The agreement also includes cooperation on support for the establishment and development of a procurement organisation and procurement activities, as well as the sharing of information and experience in this area.

  • Supply solution for military equipment

    The Swedish Armed Forces have been commissioned to implement a supply solution for military equipment systems donated to Ukraine. Within the supply solution, the Swedish Armed Forces may operate with up to 60 people on site in Poland, Romania and Slovakia.

    Since 2022, Sweden has delivered a large number of different types of military equipment, where the Swedish maintenance support is limited to the preparation of the equipment followed by a shipment to Ukraine. However, more advanced weapons and sensors systems require a longer-term supply solution that includes technical system support, spare parts and replacement units, as well as ammunition, in order to maintain their operational impact over time. The Swedish Armed Forces therefore intend to build up a long-term supply solution for qualified military equipment systems such as air defence system 70, combat vehicle 90, main battle tank 122 and artillery system Archer, which have been donated to Ukraine. The supply system will be created through cooperation between the Swedish Armed Forces, the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration and relevant Swedish industry.

    The commission will run until 31 December 2025.

  • Training activities in support of Ukraine

    Training in JAS 39 Gripen

    The Swedish Armed Forces have been commissioned to provide orientation training for Ukrainian pilots and associated aeronautical personnel in JAS 39. The background to this is that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have expressed a wish to be able to evaluate JAS 39 operationally, since one of the most urgent measures is to strengthen Ukrainian air defence with a NATO-interoperable fighter aircraft system. 

    JAS 39 is highly capable of operating in the requested air defence role and as an attack and reconnaissance aircraft. JAS 39 Gripen is fully NATO-interoperable and was developed to be able to operate from scattered road bases, which has proved crucial for the survival of the Ukrainian Air Force. In addition, JAS 39 can be rapidly refuelled and rearmed, where conscripts are used in the preflight inspection and servicing of the aircraft.

    EUMAM Ukraine

    Since spring 2023, Sweden is participating in the European Union Military Assistance Mission in support of Ukraine (EUMAM Ukraine). Swedish instructors are contributing to medical training and infantry battalion training conducted at the Special Training Command (ST-C), one of the mission’s two force headquarters, in Germany. 

    Within the framework of EUMAM, Sweden has also conducted training on donated military materiel. The mission provides basic and specialised training for Ukrainian soldiers on EU Member States’ territory. The strategic objective is to strengthen the military capabilities of the Ukrainian Armed Forces so that Ukraine can defend its territorial integrity and effectively exercise its sovereignty.

    EUMAM Ukraine is led by the EU’s Military Planning and Conduct Capability (MPCC) in Brussels, which serves as a strategic and operational headquarters for the mission. Sweden has contributed personnel reinforcements to the MPCC since the autumn of 2022 and will continue doing so until November 2024. 


    In addition, Sweden contributes to the British-led Operation Interflex, which conducts basic military training for Ukrainian citizens. In 2022 Sweden participated in the form of 60 staff officers and/or instructors, and will continue to contribute in 2023.

    Demining training in Lithuania

    On 22 December 2022, the Government decided that Sweden will help train Ukrainian demining sappers. In the project, the Swedish Armed Forces will train 48 Ukrainian instructors who will then train 100 demining sappers each in Ukraine. This means that around 4 800 people will have been trained in demining by the end of the year. The Swedish instructors will be detached from the Swedish EOD and Demining Centre (Swedec), which is Sweden’s centre of excellence for national and international missions in ammunition and demining.

    Demining is crucial for the mobility of the Ukrainian units in general, but is particularly important for the mobility of the mechanised infantry units when carrying out an offensive. A high attack rate is then crucial for being able to win terrain while not risking being opposed. Military logistics also rely on mobility, as much of the support that the attacking units require consists of various types of transports. A well-developed demining capability also supports civil society during the war and is of central importance for Ukraine's recovery.

    The training is taking place in Lithuania as part of Nordic Defence Cooperation (NORDEFCO) and began in March. Lithuania supports the operation by granting land for use as exercise terrain, and logistics. Instructors from Sweden, Iceland and Norway participate in the training, which will be carried out four times during 2023.

More information about the content of the various support packages

Support package 13

Valued at around SEK 3.4 billion.

The package includes:

  • Spare parts for combat vehicle 90 and main battle tank 122, as well as crisis preparedness goods to a value of not more than SEK 1.1 billion
  • Ammunition with ammunition components, transport vehicles and demining equipment to a value of SEK 2.15 billion
  • The Riksdag has authorised the Government to sell air-to-air missiles of the RB 99 (AMRAAM) type to the United States in 2023
  • The support package also includes compensation to the Swedish Armed Forces for transport and protective security costs, for example

Support package 12*

Valued at around SEK 250 million.

*The contribution to the NATO Ukraine Comprehensive Assistance Package Trust Fund is announced by the Government and therefore not included in the total sum for military aid (22 June 2023).

The package includes:

  • SEK 140 million to the International Fund for Ukraine (IFU)
  • SEK 90 million to the NATO Ukraine Comprehensive Assistance Package Trust Fund
  • A commission to the Swedish Armed Forces to conduct orientation training of Ukrainian pilots in JAS 39
  • A commission to the Swedish Armed Forces to implement a supply solution for military equipment systems
  • A commission to the Swedish Armed Forces to continue to place personnel at MPCC for EUMAM Ukraine

Support package 11

Valued at around SEK 6.3 billion.

The package includes:

  • Artillery piece Archer
  • Parts for robot system 97 (HAWK)
  • Main battle tank 122 (Leopard 2)

Support package 10

Valued at around SEK 4.3 billion.

The package includes:

  • Combat vehicle 90
  • Anti-tank guided missile 57
  • Grenade launcher including ammunition
  • Anti-tank grenade launcher
  • Automatic rifles
  • Demining equipment

Support package 9

Valued at around SEK 3 billion.

The package includes:

  • Air defence systems
  • Qualified ammunition
  • Off-road passenger vehicles
  • Winter equipment
  • Sights
  • Bulletproof vests
  • Tents
  • Camouflage netting

Support packages 5–8

Valued at around SEK 1 billion in total.

The packages include:

  • Anti-tank systems
  • Supporting weapons
  • Demining equipment
  • Artillery ammunition
  • Surplus materiel
  • Training operation in the UK

Support packages 1–4

Valued at around SEK 1 billion in total.

The packages include:

  • Helmets
  • Bulletproof vests
  • Daily rations of non-perishable foods
  • Anti-tank grenade launcher
  • Demining equipment
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Contribution to the NATO Ukraine Comprehensive Assistance Package Trust Fund
  • Anti-ship missile system 17
  • Automatic rifles and ammunition
  • Surplus materiel