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SEK 75 billion in military support to Ukraine


To further enhance Sweden’s support to Ukraine and provide long-term stability, the Government and the Sweden Democrats have agreed on a three-year framework for military support to Ukraine totalling SEK 75 billion for 2024–2026, which equates to SEK 25 billion a year.

Ukraine’s struggle against Russia’s aggression is ongoing, and Sweden will support Ukraine for as long as necessary. To enhance Swedish support to Ukraine – and for long-term stability – the Government and the Sweden Democrats have agreed to introduce a framework for the military support to Ukraine for 2024–2026. Sweden will increase this support to a total of SEK 75 billion within the new framework for 2024–2026, which equates to SEK 25 billion a year. 

With this proposal, the total military and civilian support from Sweden to Ukraine amounts to more than SEK 100 billion. The military support within the Ukraine framework can be provided through donations of defence materiel, financial contributions and economic support for the procurement of defence materiel. 

Depending on the type of support used, e.g. deliveries of replacement purchases, the framework may burden public finances for several years, even beyond 2026.

Due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Europe is facing its most precarious security situation since the Second World War. This means that the defence build-up at home must take place in parallel with the support going to Ukraine. The cooperating parties therefore also agree that the support is being provided to Ukraine in a way that avoids impairing the build-up of Sweden’s defence capability or other necessary reforms being set aside. To ensure the support to Ukraine does not take priority over the ongoing build-up of the Swedish defence or supplant other necessary important investments, the framework represents a deviation from the surplus target. 


Since Russia’s full-scale invasion in February 2022, Sweden has contributed the equivalent of SEK 37 billion to various initiatives to support Ukraine. This includes 15 military support packages comprising SEK 30 billion, and Ukraine has now become Sweden’s single largest development assistance recipient.

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