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A National Food Strategy for Sweden – more jobs and sustainable growth throughout the country. Short version of Government bill 2016/17:104


The Food Strategy is a platform that sets out the direction of our policy towards 2030, to create stability and ensure a long-term approach. Concrete measures are put forward in the Government’s action plan stemming from areas identified in the strategy. Some, but not all, of the actions can be realised by the Government. To be successful, the entire food supply chain need to work in the same direction, where as many as possible are contributing. With the Food Strategy as foundation, we will be able to meet the challenges facing us and strengthen the Swedish food supply chain.


The Government believes that food production and the food supply chain in Sweden are well placed to contribute to society in the form of employment, sustainable growth and public goods. An overall, long-term strategy for the food supply chain will also help to create a competitive food production industry in Sweden for the future.The Food Strategy should be seen as a platform that will shape our food policy until 2030. It sets out a framework for continued work on developing a competitive, sustainable food supply chain leading up to 2030, aimed at the entire food supply chain. Having long-term goals for our food policy will help to create stable conditions for the food supply chain. The Government has proposed overall objectives as well as three strategic objectives in particularly important areas. The Food Strategy thus sets out goals as direction for our food policy and includes objectives to be achieved and a structure for implementation. Actions and measures taken by the food supply chain itself are also crucial to the success of the strategy. Successful implementation of the strategy requires commitment and input from companies, organisations and stakeholders throughout the food supply chain.