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Legal document from Ministry of Culture

The Digital TV Commission's final report

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The final report from the Digital TV Commission describes planning and implementation of the Swedish digital TV switchover.


Between 2004 and 2008, Sweden was one of the first countries in the world to switch out the technology; doing so directly or indirectly impacted just over 4 million households. We learned a lot, including that the four most important factors of success are: - Collaboration - switchover implementation was based on a successful collaboration model and included the following main players: the Digital TV Commission, Teracom, SVT and TV4. - Trademark - the joint "digital TV switchover" trademark helped create focus and clearly communicated a unified project. - Information model - the campaign framework consisted of direct mail, advertising and local meetings; the campaign was gradually introduced on a local level throughout the country as the switchover reached new areas. - Strategy for switching off - the model entailed gradual switchover throughout Sweden, which enabled information initiatives to be locally adapted and for product offerings to be developed on a continuous basis.