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Legal document from Ministry of Culture

Roadmap to Digitalize Terrestrial Radio in Sweden SOU 2014:77

Published Updated

With the understanding that coordination between public service and commercial radio is crucial for the successful transition to digital radio in Sweden, the Swedish Digital Radio Coordinator [Digitalradiosamordningen] has since last autumn worked together with Swedish public service radio and the commercial radio industry to produce a roadmap.


The work has been carried out together with the Swedish Broadcasting Authority and in close cooperation with the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority and other actors.

The assignment has been to propose how to digitalize terrestrial radio, not why. The main purpose to digitalize, however, is to further develop radio in Sweden and to maintain and modernize a critical information infrastructure able to reach every citizen.

The plan consists of three parts: a mutual launch, extension of the licenses for commercial radio actors to broadcast analogue, and a conditional shutdown of FM transmissions.