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Pilot study of possible structural changes for a more secure and more efficient premium pension system S2017/03516/SF


This pilot study provides a practical overview and compilation of known information and knowledge concerning the premium pension.


The remit is to analyse what areas requiring improvement will remain after the ongoing reforms have been implemented. In addition, there should be a description of how different alternatives contribute to secure pensions and how the premium pension fulfils its function in relation to the pension system as a whole. The proposed measures should contribute to greater efficiency, increased security and a more manageable fund marketplace for both regulatory authorities and savers.

The pilot study should be undertaken quickly and take as its starting point the existing system in Sweden. Comparisons and inspiration may be drawn from international pension systems, existing occupational pension solutions and relevant research. Alternatives that additionally and significantly tighten up the requirements in the 30-point programme should also be considered.

The findings of the pilot study will form the basis of the terms of reference for a forthcoming inquiry or of an agreement in principle on the future design of the premium pension. The pilot study should therefore not contain any final proposals or proposed legislation.

The analysis work should be led by a special investigator appointed within the Government Offices of Sweden. The investigator should work independently but must consult with staff at the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs. Reporting to the Pensions Group shall take place no later than August 2017. The forms of reporting and any publication shall be determined in consultation with the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs and the Pensions Group.

Overall schedule

An investigator will be appointed in June. Final reporting will take place at the Pensions Group meeting on 30 August. The Swedish Pensions Agency should contribute statistical capabilities, including some data processin