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Legal document from Ministry of Employment

A good work environment for the future – the Government’s work environment strategy 2021–2025 Skr. 2020/21:92


In this Communication, the Government presents its work environment strategy for 2021–2025. The work environment strategy sets out the Government’s long-term policy focus in this area over the next five years.


The Communication outlines how the strategy will govern work to meet the objectives set, the implementation of the strategy and how it will be followed up. The government agencies in the work environment field will be tasked with drawing up action plans, giving them a more prominent and clearer role in supporting the implementation of the work environment strategy. The Government will continue to run a forum for dialogue with the labour market partners.

The overarching objective of the work environment strategy is the goal of working life policy decided by the Riksdag (Swedish Parliament) for both women and men to have good working conditions and the opportunity to develop at work (Government Bill 2011/12:1 expenditure area 14, section 4.3, report 2011/12:AU2, Government Communication 2011/12:88) plus the Government’s objective of a work environment that prevents illness and accidents, stops people being excluded from working life, takes people’s differing circumstances into account and fosters the development of individuals and operations (Government Bill 2020/21:1 expenditure area 14, section 5.1).  The four priority areas of the work environment strategy are as follows:

  • Sustainable working life – everyone is to be able to, have the capacity to and want to work a full working life.
  • Healthy working life – working life is to contribute towards development and well-being.
  • Safe working life – no-one is to place their life or health at risk due to their job.
  • A labour market free from crime and cheating – a poor work environment is never to be a competitive tool.