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Press release from Prime Minister's Office

President and CEO of Volvo Group and President of KTH take seats on National Innovation Council


Sigbritt Karlsson, President of the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, and Martin Lundstedt, President and CEO of the Volvo Group, are new members of the National Innovation Council. Both will take part in the Council’s first meeting of 2017, on 13 February.

As two new members take their seats on the National Innovation Council, Sweden's status as an innovative country is on an upward curve. Sweden is gaining ground in global comparisons of countries' innovative capacity and competitiveness. Other countries are interested in Sweden's solutions and wish to collaborate. One example of this is the agreement between Germany and Sweden on innovative cooperation on digitalisation, eHealth and future mobility that was reached during Chancellor Merkel's visit to Sweden earlier this year.

Now two new members will take their seats on the National Innovation Council and offer their knowledge and experience to contribute to society's development, with a focus on innovation.

"I am very pleased and proud that Sigbritt Karlsson and Martin Lundstedt are now members of the National Innovation Council. They are both people with great experience and, with their knowledge from research and the business sector, will have a lot to contribute to the Council's work," says Prime Minister Stefan Löfven.

Sigbritt Karlsson has been the President of the KTH Royal Institute of Technology since 2016. She holds an MSc in Engineering and is a professor with long experience from education and research.

"I am really looking forward to this assignment and, with my experience from academia – both as a researcher and as President – I believe I have a lot to offer from that particular perspective. KTH also conducts extensive work in the area of innovation and entrepreneurship," says Ms Karlsson.

Martin Lundstedt has been President and CEO of the Volvo Group since 2015. He holds an MSc in Engineering and has previously served as CEO of Scania.

"The task of the National Innovation Council is to develop Sweden as an innovative country. I look forward to assisting in this effort. Together, we can create even better conditions for development, entrepreneurship and growth. Sweden cannot be best at everything, and we must have the courage to prioritise. I hope that those of us on the Council can also point out a clear direction so that we take advantage of the opportunities ahead of us," says Mr Lundstedt.

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Facts: National Innovation Council

Sweden will be a world leader in innovation. This is why Prime Minister Stefan Löfven proposed establishing a National Innovation Council in 2015. The Innovation Council meets four times a year and is chaired by Mr Löfven. The rest of the Council consists of four government ministers and ten prominent representatives of the business and research sectors. The aim is to make the Government’s policies more innovation friendly and so contribute to developing society as a whole.

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