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Press release from Ministry of Culture

MUCF tasked with distributing information to civil society about the coronavirus


The Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society (MUCF) is being commissioned to compile and disseminate essential information to organisations within civil society during the current crisis resulting from the new coronavirus.

“Many organisations in civil society, particularly those working with social issues, are extremely concerned at the moment about the lack of resources and how to continue with their vital work during this period. Civil society actors also need to be informed that the Government’s support packages are often aimed at them as well. The Government is therefore reprioritising agencies’ previous funding so that MUCF can now mobilise and work on a broad front to publicise vital information to those who need it,” says Minister for Culture and Democracy, Amanda Lind.

The task involves MUCF disseminating information to organisations in civil society and working in collaboration with other agencies. This could involve information about how the Government’s general support initiatives in response to the spread of the coronavirus affect civil society, questions about subsidy rules, postponed annual meetings, employer issues, non-profit welfare providers, and the application of laws and regulations relating to civil society. MUCF has a well-established agency network at its disposal for coordinating communication with civil society organisations.

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