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Central role for environment and climate in this year’s Human Development Report


Today, Sweden will co-host the global launch of the UN flagship project, the Human Development Report. This year’s report highlights how economic and human development can occur and be promoted in a way that does not come at the expense of the planet’s resources.

In addition, an upgraded version of the widely recognised Human Development Index will be presented, which this year also includes environmental and climate indicators in its calculation of countries’ prosperity. Sweden is ranked 6th in the updated index and 7th in the traditional index. 

The report will be launched virtually this year, which means everyone will have the opportunity to follow it live at 18.30.

You can register here.

“I am delighted to launch the UN’s 30th Human Development Report. The report not only reflects countries’ actions to create prosperity for their citizens but also their actions in relation to the strain on our planet. It is right and courageous of the UN and I welcome it,” says Prime Minister Stefan Löfven. 

The Prime Minister will participate in the launch ceremony, as will HRH Crown Princess Victoria via a pre-recorded video message. 

Minister for International Development Cooperation Peter Eriksson will speak at the launch. 

“The UN is now taking an important step by including the climate and the environment in the report’s index. It is gratifying that Sweden has achieved such a high ranking, but we all have much more to do. A green transition is needed and Sweden is proud to support developing countries in making this transition,” says Mr Eriksson. 

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