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Vaccinated people travelling to Sweden from Armenia are exempted from the entry ban and test requirement


The Govern­ment today adopted amend­ments to the tempo­rary ban on entry into Sweden. The amend­ments primarily mean that additio­nal people who can present a vaccine certificate issued in Armenia are exempted from the entry ban and test require­ment.

The temporary entry ban came into force on 19 March and initially applied for 30 days. It has sub­sequently been extended following recommen­dations by the European Commission and the Council of the European Union. The latest decision to extend the ban on entry into Sweden from countries out­side the EU/EEA means that the entry ban now applies until 31 January 2022. 

The entry ban means that a foreign citizen departing from a state other than an EEA State or Switzer­land travelling to Sweden will be denied entry into Sweden and turned away. There are a number of exemp­tions from the ban, but travellers are normally required to present a negative COVID-19 test result even if they are covered by one of the exemp­tions.

The Govern­ment’s decision today means that people travelling to Sweden who can present a vaccina­tion certifi­cate issued in Armenia are exempt from the entry ban and test require­ment. According to a European Com­mission decision, vaccina­tion certificates issued in Armenia are equiva­lent to the EU Digital COVID certifi­cate, which means that such certifi­cates can be checked and verified in the same manner and using the same techni­cal systems as the EU certificate.

The amendments will enter into force on 15 November 2021.

For more infor­mation on how the ordinance on a temporary ban on entry into Sweden is to be inter­preted and which exemp­tions apply, please visit the website of the Police Authority. See the adjacent links.

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