Press release from Ministry of Infrastructure

Government proposes possibility of reintroducing ID checks on buses, trains and passenger ships


As a consequence of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, Europe is facing the greatest and fastest-growing refugee crisis since the Second World War. The Government sees a need to be able to reintroduce ID checks for travel to Sweden.

“We must be able to ensure that order can be maintained, and it is important that the Government has the tools needed to receive people coming to Sweden in an orderly way,” says Minister for Infrastructure Tomas Eneroth.

The Government’s assessment is that the situation may become so serious that it might be necessary to take immediate measures to maintain law and order and safeguard national security.

The Act that enabled ID checks during the 2015 refugee crisis was a temporary act that no longer applies. The Ministry of Infrastructure will therefore refer a proposal on a new temporary act with corresponding provisions.

A new temporary act would allow the Government, in the event of serious danger to public order or domestic security, to introduce ID checks for travel by bus, train or passenger ship to Sweden from abroad in order to maintain law and order or safeguard national security.

It is proposed that the act be temporary for a period of three years from entry into force and empower the Government to adopt an ordinance on ID checks with a maximum validity of six months.

In the referral, the Government proposes that the act enter into force on 8 April and include exemptions for travel from or via Norway.

“The Government understands that a reintroduction of ID checks affects the individual traveller and commuter. It is therefore important that these checks are not used to a greater extent or for longer than necessary,” says Mr Eneroth.

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