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Government approves additional military support to Ukraine


In March and April, the Government approved additional military support to Ukraine besides the support previously approved by the Riksdag and the Government.

The Government was able to approve the support independently as it consists of surplus materiel. The exact nature of the support is classified, and no further comment will be made at present. Secrecy is necessary to ensure that the support arrives and can be used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, among other reasons.

The Government’s focus is to continue to support Ukraine, including through military support. The question of additional possibilities for support is currently being prepared in the Government Offices.

Previous decisions

On two occasions since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on 24 February, the Riksdag and the Government have approved support to the Armed Forces of Ukraine totalling 10 000 anti-tank weapons, 5 000 helmets, 5 000 body shields, field rations, mine clearance equipment and SEK 500 million.

On 13 April, the Government also decided to give EUR 5 million (around SEK 50 million) to Ukraine via a NATO fund. That support is primarily for use in projects to manage chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats.

Under the Budget Act, the Government can approve the transfer of equipment that is no longer needed for central government activities (surplus materiel). For equipment that is not surplus materiel, the Riksdag can permit the Government to transfer some materiel, for example if it is found that it can be spared for a limited period of time.

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