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Joint statement on principles for development of future 6G policies


Sweden has signed a joint statement on principles for the development of the future 6G policies. The statement was presented on 27 February 2024 in connection with the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. It includes an agreement on common principles that will guide research and development of future 6G policies both domestically and internationally.

By signing the statement, Sweden is strengthening its cooperation with key strategic partners in the work towards the wireless communication networks of the future. Apart from Sweden, Australia, Canada, Czechia, Finland, France, Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom and initiator the United States also endorsed the statement.

“Sweden is at the forefront of the development and application of wireless technology and I am pleased that we’re now strengthening our international partnerships with like-minded countries. By endorsing the joint statement, we’re involved in driving the development of technology forward while also promoting Swedish industry,” says Minister for International Development Cooperation and Foreign Trade Johan Forssell. 

The joint statement declares that the future 6G technology must be open, secure, sustainable, reliable and accessible. International cooperation is important in ensuring that these objectives are achieved.

“Sweden is now strengthening its cooperation with international partners and establishing a common vision for the development of 6G technologies. This technology must be developed in line with our shared democratic values and protect citizens’ privacy, strengthen competitiveness and enable smart digital societies,” says Minister for Public Administration, with responsibility for digital development issues, Erik Slottner.

The digital infrastructure of the future is the focus of the Government’s research initiative for the development of next generation wireless systems. The Swedish Research Council and the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems have been tasked with implementing the initiative, which is aimed at strengthening basic research, applied research and innovation in sixth generation wireless systems (6G).

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