Interim report for state-owned companies January-December 2007 Reference No.: N8003

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The Swedish state is an important company owner in Sweden. The Swedish Government Offices administer 54 companies, of which 40 are wholly owned and 14 partly owned. Three companies are listed on the stock exchange. These companies represent substantial values and are large employers. Furthermore, they are the common property of all Swedish taxpayers. The state therefore has a great responsibility to be an active and professional owner. The Government's overall objective is for the companies to create value and, in appropriate cases, to ensure that societal interests are fulfilled. The Government Offices interim reports for state-owned companies aim at contributing to transparency and the assessment of state-owned companies. The Government also publishes an annual report for state-owned companies with a view to providing an integrated and clear picture of its administration of the state-owned companies and to make it possible to evaluate the development of this administration during the year.