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Statement by Ulf Kristersson

Joint statement of Intent between the Prime Minister of Sweden and the President of Ukraine


Statement of Intent between the Prime Minister of Sweden and the President of Ukraine on Enhanced Cooperation on the CV90 Platform, made 19 August 2023.

Continued Western support to Ukraine is crucial for Ukraine’s fight for freedom, and for the freedom of Europe as a whole.

After 18 months of war in Europe, our conclusion is that modern and agile land combat systems are essential to repel and defeat an aggressor. One key element to the success of both defensive and offensive operations on the battlefield is the mobility, fire power, reliability, and crew protection of a modern tracked infantry fighting vehicle (IFV).

As part of Sweden’s long-standing commitment to support Ukraine, Sweden has donated Combat Vehicle 90 (CV90) infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs), in solidarity with Ukraine in its fight for sovereignty and freedom. Sweden has also, and will continue to do so, supported Ukraine with training, spare parts and maintenance of the vehicles.

Acknowledging that CV90 is a highly effective and modern combat vehicle, Sweden and Ukraine share the conviction that further cooperation on the CV90 platform will be mutually beneficial.

This Statement of Intent therefore symbolizes Sweden’s and Ukraine’s will to strengthen cooperation in production, operation, training, and servicing of the CV90 platform.

Sweden and Ukraine share the conviction that closer cooperation will contribute to competence building and further development of Western platforms. It will also open up possibilities for further, and closer, cooperation in the future.

This Statement of Intent should also be seen in light of the agreements between Sweden and Ukraine on protective security and defence procurement support, signed by both parties during the 12 July NATO Summit in Vilnius, symbolizing Sweden’s long-term commitment to support Ukraine in a broader sense.

Through this Statement of Intent, Sweden reconfirms its commitment to continue its strong support for Ukraine, for a s long as it takes.