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Nordic Defence Cooperation

Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway are part of the Nordic Defence Cooperation (NORDEFCO). This cooperation started in 2009 and primarily aims to increase the countries’ defence capabilities and enhance possibilities to take joint action if a crisis arises in the neighbourhood.

Responsible ministers
Pål Jonson
Responsible ministries
Ministry of Defence

News about NORDEFCO

  • Press conference following Nordic and Baltic defence ministers meeting

    On November 23, Minister for Defence Pål Jonson invited the media to a press conference, following the meeting with defence ministers from the Nordic and Baltic countries at Karlberg Palace.

Priorities for 2023

Sweden's application for NATO membership, Finland's NATO membership and Denmark’s decision to take part in EU defence cooperation, mean that there are new conditions for Nordic defence cooperation.

The Swedish chairmanship 2023 will focus on how Nordic defence cooperation is affected by, and needs to be adapted to, these new security and defence policy developments.

One of the priorities for 2023 is to develop a new vision for Nordic defence cooperation.

Sweden's chairmanship in 2023

The one-year chairmanship of NORDEFCO rotates between the Nordic countries.

As chair, Sweden will lead the cooperation 2023, with the Ministry of Defence responsible for coordinating NORDEFCO meetings at policy level.

Sweden last held the chairmanship of NORDEFCO in 2019.


NORDEFCO is conducted at both military and political level and includes cooperation on training and exercises, logistics, international operations and defence equipment.

Close Nordic defence cooperation increases the military capability of the Nordic countries and enhances our possibilities to take joint action if a crisis arises in our neighbourhood.

Nordic defence cooperation thus contributes to increasing overall deterrence and security in Europe.

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