A unified Swedish police service - Summary in English SOU 2012:13

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The remit of the Police Organisation Committee is to analyse whether the current organisation of the police constitutes an obstacle to the Government’s requirements for higher quality, increased cost-effectiveness, increased flexibility and a substantial improvement in police performance. If the Committee considers that the organisation constitutes an obstacle in these respects a new organisation is to be proposed.

The remit can be seen in the light of the considerable additional resources the police service has received. During the period 2000–2010 the police service appropriation increased by more than 40 per cent to SEK 19 billion for 2010. At the same time the number of police service employees increased by 26 per cent to 28 000, of whom 20 300 were police officers, making the Police Service the largest state-controlled activity in Sweden. The Government´s assessment is that the increased resources are not reflected in police performance.