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Customise the website

Here are some ways to customise the website to better suit your needs.

Listen function

There are two ways to have the website read out loud:

  • click the ‘Listen’ link, at the top of any page, or
  • highlight the text you want to listen to.

The Listen function at the top of the page opens a keyboard-controllable audio player next to the page heading and begins reading the main content of the page. When text is highlighted, the audio player is displayed (Listen to selected text), along with the keyboard controls.

You can customise the reading speed and have the read text highlighted so that it is easier to follow.

The following are examples of sections that are not read:

  • the filter function,
  • the left-hand menu (where present),
  • category tags, and
  • the share function.

Customise the size of the text

Most modern web browsers have a menu function for changing the size of the text on the webpage. The easiest way to customise the size of the text is to press the CTRL key and then scroll the mouse wheel. If you do not have a mouse wheel, click the minus or the plus key.

If you are using an Mac computer, press the Command key instead of the CTRL key.