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The filter function is used to list content, such as legal documents, articles or press releases. The user can use the filter to select a certain type of content.

On pages that use the filter, it is set to list the most recently published content based on what the page is about. For example, on the Ministry of the Environment and Energy’s page, the filter displays content categorised as belonging to the Ministry of the Environment and Energy. Content on the home page is categorised according to which government area it belongs to, i.e. the Government, the Government Offices, the ministries and ministers.


The user can use the filter to select a certain type of content to narrow down the areas he or she is interested in. Under Select content type, the user can, for example, choose to only show proposals to the Council on Legislation.

If the user makes a selection and then clicks a different tab, the previous selection is retained.

Under Select policy area, the user can choose a policy area, for example to only show proposals to the Council on Legislation in the labour market policy area. The same principle applies to Select government area. If the user chooses Ministry of Employment and Ministry of Finance under Select government area, content is listed that is of content type ‘proposals to the Council on Legislation’ within the ‘labour market’ policy area in the Ministry of Employment or the Ministry of Finance government area.

The user can also select the time period during which the content was published under ‘Select time period’. For example, content published between 2012-10-14 and 2014-12-10.

The selections chosen are shown in the Selection box. Here you can also clear your selections by clicking the relevant category, or all of them by clicking ‘Clear all’.

If the page is reloaded, all the ticked selections are cleared. They are also cleared if the user goes to a different page and then returns to the page on which the selections were made.