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Subscription via email

If you want to follow the work of the Government and the Government Offices, you can subscribe to content from

Creating a subscription

  1. Select the area and/or source (ministry and minister)
  2. Select the content type, e.g. press release, government bill or speech
  3. Enter your email address
  4. Tick the box next to ‘I agree to my email address being stored for the purpose of receiving email alerts from’
  5. Click the ‘Create/change subscription’ button

If you are a new subscriber, an email confirmation will be sent to the email address you provided when you created your subscription. Click the link in the email within 24 hours to activate the subscription.

Changing or cancelling your subscription

There are two links in the footer of all alerts that you can use to manage your subscription.

Changing your subscription

Click the ‘Change your subscription’ link in the email. You will be directed to the ‘Subscribe to content via email’ page, and the choices you have made will be marked. Select what you what to delete or add. Finish by clicking the box next to ‘Click to create/change your subscription’.


If you click the ‘Cancel all your subscriptions’ link, all your subscriptions will immediately be cancelled.

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