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Military budget

Appropriations for military defence have doubled since 2020. In 2023–2024, appropriations increased by SEK 30 billion (a 34% increase). According to NATO’s definition, Sweden reported defence expenditures corresponding to 2.2% of GDP as early as 2024.

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Ministry of Defence

Military budget

  • In its report for the next Defence Resolution period, the Swedish Defence Commission announced a proposal for the direction of the total defence economy that includes additional funds for military defence. 

    The chart demonstrates the Defence Commission’s proposal for the total appropriation levels of military defence in current prices until 2030.

    Each item in the central government budget has its own expenditure area. Military defence expenditures fall within expenditure area 6, ‘Defence and contingency measures’ (UO6), which is divided into 13 appropriation categories (1.1–1.13). Funds are allocated to the different categories of operations that together form the overall expenditure for military defence in the central government budget.

    Military defence in the central government budget

    NATO’s ambition is for member countries to allocate at least 2% of GDP to their defence. NATO’s definition of defence expenditures is broader and includes more items than the appropriations to military defence within UO6. According to NATO’s definition, Sweden reported defence expenditures corresponding to 2.2% of GDP as early as 2024.

    Sweden has been providing military support to Ukraine through donations of existing materiel, training and funds aimed at acquiring new materiel to benefit Ukraine since 2022. Additional funds have been added to the appropriations within UO6 to replace donated materiel and to fund other types of support. Support to Ukraine also includes humanitarian and civil support, which is funded through appropriations within other expenditure areas.

    Military support to Ukraine

About Swedish Defence Commission

The Defence Commission is a forum for consultation between the Government and all political parties in the Riksdag.

The budget process

Read about the central government budget process and how policy objectives and ideas are put into action through the Government’s various budget proposals.

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  • Military budget initiatives for 2024

    Sweden is currently facing the most serious security situation since the Second World War. This places new demands on military defence.

  • Major investments in military defence and NATO targets projected to be reached

    In the Budget Bill for 2024, the Government proposes additional funding to military defence amounting to approximately SEK 700 million. Taking into account upward adjustments and previous decisions, appropriations for military defence will increase by more than SEK 27 billion between 2023 and 2024 – an increase of 28 per cent. This means that appropriations have doubled since 2020 and that Sweden will already reach the defence expenditure target of two per cent of GDP according to NATO’s definition in 2024. In the Budget Bill, the Government also estimates additional funding for 2025 and 2026 amounting to approximately SEK 1.2 billion and SEK 7.4 billion, respectively.

  • Strengthening Sweden’s military defence and preparations for NATO membership

    Today the Government has presented investment proposals that will be included in its Spring Amending Budget. The proposals aim to create conditions for the continued growth of Sweden’s military defence and make preparations for NATO membership. Increased appropriations totalling SEK 660 million are proposed in the Spring Amending Budget for 2023. In addition, it is proposed that the Swedish Armed Forces’ authorisation to place orders be increased by SEK 16.78 billion.