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The Prime Minister's Office leads and coordinates the work of the Government Offices.

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Ulf Kristersson Prime Minister
Jessika Roswall Minister for EU Affairs

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  • Hungarian National Assembly votes to approve Sweden’s NATO application

    Photo: Ninni Andersson/Government Offices

    Today, 26 February, the Hungarian National Assembly voted yes on Sweden’s NATO application. Once the Speaker and the President have signed the decision and the instrument of ratification has been presented to the United States, all NATO Allies will have approved Sweden’s application for membership. At the invitation of NATO’s Secretary-General, Sweden’s Government can then formally decide to accede to the North Atlantic Treaty, which is NATO’s founding document. Once that has taken place, Sweden’s instrument of accession will be deposited with the Government of the United States, which is the depositary of the Treaty. Sweden will then be a NATO member and participate fully as an Ally in the Organization.

  • Renewed strategic partnership between Sweden and France

    Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson and President Emmanuel Macron have signed a renewed strategic innovation partnership declaration between Sweden and France. It includes new areas such as nuclear energy, forestry and security.

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