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Manage the situation during and after an attack


Although many efforts and measures are aimed at preventing and averting attacks, and protecting society from violent extremism and terrorism, society must also be prepared to manage a situation where an attack is or has been carried out.

Work in this area is aimed at ensuring that society has the necessary capability to intervene and stop an attack in progress. This work also aims to ensure that such crime’s consequences for society are limited, that victims of terrorism receive support and redress, and that perpetrators are arrested and prosecuted.


  • Society must be able to quickly intervene and stop an attack.
  • Government authorities must be prepared to manage new types of attacks.
  • Tools and collaboration for investigation and prosecution must be enhanced.
  • Support for victims of terrorism, hate crime and criminality that threatens democracy must be developed.


Central actors

Swedish Crime Victim Authority
Non-governmental organisations
Swedish Armed Forces
Health and medical care
The municipalities, municipal rescue services
Swedish Coast Guard
Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency
Swedish Police Authority
Radio and TV
Rescue services
Social services
SOS Alarm
Swedish Security Service

News and publications on this area

News, press releases and documents related to the strategy are listed at the bottom of the strategy webpage. You can follow the measures there in chronological order and search for more information.