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Prevent violent extremism and terrorism


Work to prevent violent extremism and terrorism is focused on systematic and knowledge-based efforts to counter the underlying causes of extremism and terrorism. The aim is also to prevent more people being recruited to extremist environments.

The work is focused primarily on stopping the growth of violent extremism and decreasing the scope of radicalising structures. To this end, efforts must target both people who might be inspired by extremist environments and groups and individuals in at-risk environments who have shown signs of behaviour that can lead to violent extremism or terrorism.


  • Integrate efforts to prevent violent extremism into broader crime prevention efforts.
  • Decrease the growth of violent extremism and terrorism.
  • Reduce the risk of children and young people being radicalised and recruited to violent extremism and terrorism.
  • Strengthen resilience to false information, rumours and disinformation.


Central actors

Office of the Ombudsman for Children
Swedish Centre for Preventing Violent Extremism
Living History Forum
Swedish Defence University
Swedish Gender Equality Agency
Swedish Prison and Probation Service
Swedish Press and Broadcasting Authority
Swedish Migration Agency
Psychological Defence Agency
Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency
Swedish Agency for Support to Faith Communities
Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society
Swedish Police Authority
Segerstedt Institute at the University of Gothenburg
National Board of Health and Welfare
Swedish Schools Inspectorate
National Agency for Education
National Board of Institutional Care
Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions
Swedish Defence Research Agency
Swedish Defence Conscription and Assessment Agency
Swedish Prosecution Authority