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Protect people and society’s functions


Vulnerability means how much and how seriously a system is impacted by an incident. The degree of vulnerability is determined by the ability to predict, manage, resist and recover from an incident.

Due to the increased complexity of the threat scenario, there are a greater number of potential targets for actors in violent environments to choose from. The number of potential locations for attacks has also increased. So too has the risk of shortcomings in the protection of vital public services against being exploited to carry out attacks or other activities aimed at destabilising society. 

Efforts to protect people and society’s functions require collaboration between all concerned actors. The work in this area spans across a broad range of government authorities and other actors, and comprises several different areas of expertise. This includes expertise on physical protective barriers, advanced IT, risk and vulnerability assessments and security assessments. Society must also actively protect the exercise of fundamental rights and freedoms, such as the freedom of expression and freedom of religion.


  • Society’s preparedness must keep pace with advancements in methods of attack.
  • Further develop work with risk and vulnerability analyses.
  • Fundamental rights and freedoms must be actively protected.


Central actors

All actors that carry out security-sensitive activities
National Defence Radio Establishment
Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency
Swedish Police Authority
Swedish Security Service

News and publications on this area

News, press releases and documents related to the strategy are listed at the bottom of the strategy webpage. You can follow the measures there in chronological order and search for more information.